canta - i - plora

Canta-i-plora (Sing-and-cry) 2013

Containers belonging to ancient cultures where necessary liquids were transported.
Sophisticated medical equipment from past times that were used to inhale air in extreme situations.
Vital organs or futuristic prosthetics.

Brooch "Inhaler"

Brooch "Amputation"

Brooch "Erection post Mortem"

Brooch "Ventricle"

The three possibilities have a common function: provide “basic or primary needs”, and they suggest
or refer me to the primitive, to the survival, to simplicity, to the essence, to the human, to life... but also to the future, to necessity, to relief, to the struggle, to sickness, to tragedy, to the dramatic, to death...  what are our basic needs? Do we know how to ask for what is fair and necessary? Can we answer providing the essential? What will our basic needs be in the future?

Necklace "Ai Apaec"

Necklace "Bottle Canta-i-Plora"

Necklace "Fertility bottle"

Object "Teapot Canta-i-plora"

Object "Diamond Amphora"

All pieces consist of two parts, where the contradiction and the tension created by the form and the material seek a balance. Rigidity counters malleability, fragility opposes resistance, coldness counters warmness, softness opposes roughness, clarity counters obscurity, geometry opposes what is organic. Sing or cry?




The process is important, as well as the use of two materials – porcelain and leather – that are part of our culture and that we most preserve and update, they are part of our identity.

I have used ancient techniques, which have resulted in original contemporary jewelry pieces that identify with a scientific and at the same time primitive sense of aesthetics.

Materials: Porcelain, leather, copper, brass, alpaca, silver, steel wire, textile
Techniques: Slipcasting and wax hardened leather

Trinidad Contreras